Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Melbourne Train Girl stood at the intersection while a man in shorts that defied the brisk air jogged beside her on the spot. A woman wearing blue stockings who had sat opposite her on the tram stood on Melbourne Train Girl's other side.

Melbourne Train Girl had not been able to concentrate all afternoon. Even now, as she stood waiting for the lights to change, she smiled silently to herself.

And it wasn't that the Foreign Boy had forgotten they were supposed to have a date that evening that caused her mind to wander.

She was thinking about the boy who knew to bite her bottom lip when he kissed her.

"Perhaps I might run into him here in the supermarket," she had thought as she studied the chocolate aisle. He would have been surprised and delighted to see her. Then he would have asked her what she was doing that night, and they would have gone out to dinner and lived happily ever after. She took her seat on the second train carriage from the back, sitting backwards on the left, and entertained these thoughts.

A man whose forehead and nose made a perfectly straight line when she looked at him in profile caught Melbourne Train Girl smiling at her reflection in the dark windows. She quickly turned her head to look at another man wearing a t-shirt that read "an akward morning means a boring night". She didn't even notice the spelling mistake.

Should she call him tomorrow or Thursday?

She slowly unwrapped the very expensive, very dark chocolate and broke off a square. She should have spent her last $10 on leg wax and not chocolate.

If their date was Thursday would tomorrow be too soon to call?

She ate the square of chocolate in small bites. In actual fact she should really have saved her last $10 for tomorrow's train ticket.

If their date was Thursday night would Thursday lunch time be too late to call?

She hesitated, and then brushed away a glimmer of guilt and broke off another square of chocolate. On second thoughts, leg wax was more important than a train ticket.

If it were only Tuesday today, would she be able to wait until Thursday to call?

She considered a third square, but wrapped the chocolate back up again and put it away in her bottomless handbag. She definately needed leg wax.

If their date was Thursday, and it was only Tuesday today, she would call him Wednesday.

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melbourne.train.girl takes the train. And sometimes the tram and the bus as well. She is the girl in the corner seat wondering if the boy by the window will say hello.


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