Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Quick, run!" Melbourne Train Girl's friend cried as he looked at the screen and saw that the last train was leaving in one minute. She fumbled for her ticket before realising the barrier was open and she didn't need it to get through.

"Bye!" she shouted as she ran towards the escalators. Down and down and down she ran. She thought it would never end, and when it finally did she started on the second.

Down and down and down again.

As she reached the final step the beep of the doors closing gave her legs speed she never knew they had. She was too late. The last train began to move just as her hand grasped the handle. Dropping her arms to her sides she stepped back from the edge of the platform and began to turn back, shoulders dropped, to return up the imposing escalators to the top of Parliament Station. Up to where her friend was most probably still waiting to see if she had made the train.

As she turned, she heard the brakes of the train hiss, and the soft yet familiar thud of the doors releasing. Waving in the air, to whoever was responsible for the train stopping, she ran inside and sat down.

Up at the top of the escalators she was told, another man had not been blessed with Melbourne Train Girl's luck. he had looked at the screen to see the word "now" staring defiantly back at him. His shoulders slumped with what was obviously the realisation of no place to go.

Melbourne Train Girl has always had surprisingly good luck. Although she admitted to feeling just the slightest bit disappointed the train had stopped for her. She had been having fun playing cards with her friend, and could have taken the escalators back up to continue.

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melbourne.train.girl takes the train. And sometimes the tram and the bus as well. She is the girl in the corner seat wondering if the boy by the window will say hello.


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