Friday, June 23, 2006
At last...

The Short Boy had surprisingly soft hands.

Melbourne Train Girl was going to catch the last train home, but he offered to drive her, on the condition that they stay out a little later and have another drink. Of course Melbourne Train Girl accepted. They flirted. His hand on her leg when she made a joke, her shoulder against his on the couch as they talked. He let her eat the wedges of lime from his finished vodka.

He stopped his nice car outside her house, behind Melbourne Train Girl's not so nice car that hadn't started that morning. He left the engine running.

"That's my stupid car," she said, pointing at it. "Cars are more trouble than they're worth."
"Hey, cars are what got you home," he replied patting his steering wheel, "don't knock them!"
"That's true," she turned to him and smiled.

That was when he lent over the hand brake and kissed her.

His skin smelled like Germany and he tasted like limes. There are still traces of him on her jumper; Melbourne Train Girl wore it again today for that reason.

It was ten minutes before he took his hands from around her neck and shifted to turn off the engine. He kissed her again as he pulled up the handbrake with a soft click.

"Your foot was on the brake that whole time?" she asked.
"Yes, it was," he laughed. Melbourne Train Girl remembered how much she liked his voice.

It was 1:30am when they arrived at her house.

When the radio announcer said it was 2:30 Melbourne Train Girl stretched and looked at him with her head inclined.

"You have to work tomorrow..." she said as she touched his open palm with her own.
"I'm past the point of no return now," he ran his hand down the inside of her arm, "I'll be tired no matter what."

At 3:30 the rain started again.

"Aren't you glad you accepted my lift?" he smiled and brushed Melbourne Train Girl's hair away from her face.
"Very glad," she returned his smile and traced his lips with her finger.
"You would have had to walk home from the station in the rain!"

At 4:30 the rain had stopped. They both stretched and reluctantly agreed it was time to part.

"So can we do this again?" he asked her, his fingertips on her cheek.
"I'd love to," Melbourne Train Girl kissed the palm of his hand.

It was very cold when she left his car and walked to her front door. But she didn't feel a thing.

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melbourne.train.girl takes the train. And sometimes the tram and the bus as well. She is the girl in the corner seat wondering if the boy by the window will say hello.


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